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Everything you need to know about toxoplasmosis – What is toxoplasmosis?

Anyone who wants to put a domestic feline in his life and home should bear in mind that this, like any animal, can suffer very serious diseases that can affect both him and his environment.

Of all these diseases, one of the most important is toxoplasmosis since, although it is not extremely common, according to data from GEMFE (AVEPA’s Feline Medicine Study Group) 60% of stray cats have been affected by this disease and only later did a very low percentage of affected people have noticeable symptoms in time to stop it.

It is a complex disease since it is parasitic but asymptomatic, so we will only know that the animal has it with a veterinary visit.

The disease is, above all, very dangerous for pregnant women and fetuses since it can cause very negative effects in the gestation period and even affect the development and subsequent growth of the baby after delivery.

Currently there are (few) veterinarians who recommend the sacrifice of the animal or the expulsion from the home of the same, well, this should not be the case since if a series of precautions are taken, we will improve the state of our cat friend and it will not affect the environment of home.

It should be understood that any cat can contract toxoplasmosis but that the life span within the animal’s body is not very long. Its danger lies in the fact that cats can transmit the disease to many more living beings since with their infected feces they release the parasite, transmitting itself through the air and the environment.

It is to be considered that a pregnant woman can suffer very negatively if she has to be separated from her pet, since any mental alteration in a state as complex as pregnancy is negative not only for her, but even for the fetus. So it is important to understand that if the necessary precautions are taken and a good medical follow-up is carried out, the disease can be treated without problems and the human-cat relationship will be the same as with a healthy cat in a short time.

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