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FCA online dealers: do not give up your vehicle and buy at home

Since the state of alarm was decreed, on March 14 , many vehicle purchases have remained in the air. Despite living in a highly connected and digitized society , the car buying process still involves a physical and emotional part. Many future owners require touching, smelling, and seeing (in person) their adventure partner. This preliminary step, which is usually done at dealerships, has been cut short by the COVID-19 crisis. On- site trade has been completely paralyzed but brands want to continue offering their product, which is necessary on many occasions. For this reason, FCA Spain has launched the reactivation of online shopping of their vehicles.

The context is complicated but, as in any crisis, it is also an opportunity for new projects and innovations. The configuration of online models is common but the complete purchase process is a challenge, since there are doubts, budgets, financing models and many other details to take into account. FCA Spain was in 2019 the first group to offer a 100% online contracting model, but it was limited to renting .

Don’t give up your FCA

Working intensively on its online sales platforms will allow FCA to continue marketing vehicles in full quarantine. Despite the current terrible moment, this crisis will pass and the population will recover its rhythm, little by little and in a staggered manner. Many of us will not have realized it, but the anti-pollution protocols of the main Spanish cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona, have been paralyzed. A truce that probably won’t last long when everything returns to normal. Many drivers postponed the change of vehicle, finding themselves squarely with quarantine and the impossibility of making such a transaction.

Another different scenario may be the transformation of a business model that, after this exceptional situation, has decided to invest in the conversion to e-commerce . This entrepreneur will need Fiat Professional vans to start his new project as soon as possible. For this reason, FCA will offer this service in all its brands: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Jeep and Fiat Professional.

Purchasing process

Many buyers come to the web or dealership with clear ideas but some doubts. A web portal without a soul will be unable to answer this uncertainty, which will be answered through chat , phone calls or video calls . The specialized agent will be in charge of making a personalized budget, explaining the financing options and accompanying the buyer at all times. In case of not wanting this customization, the salesperson will be pending for any questions during the 100% online hiring process, which is done in less than ten minutes after sending a budget in PDF.

In addition, FCA offers the Google Hangouts Meets platform to maintain communication between the buyer and the dealer. Thanks to this reliable and quality network, both of you will be able to hold a negotiation or talk about the next steps to take. To do this, you must request an appointment by phone or via email, which will be answered with a connection link.

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