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Feline asthma: what it consists of, symptoms and treatment – Young cats, the most affected

Feline asthma is a very common respiratory disease in cats . It occurs when there is inflammation of the lower respiratory tract (bronchi and bronchioles), a consequence of the inhalation of an irritating substance , which can be tobacco smoke, pollen, dust, environmental pollution, cleaning products, mites, mold … In the presence of the irritant, the bronchus will contract to prevent it from reaching the lung. It will also produce mucus to envelop this substance so that the coughing cat can cough it up. As a result of the narrowing of the bronchi and inflammation, the airways will thin and the cat will have difficulty breathing. This disease usually appears in young animals and with the passage of time it tends to become chronic and worse.

Feline asthma symptoms

– Dyspnoea or shortness of breath . In this case, it affects expiration more than inspiration.

Very intense cough , sometimes reaching retching. You will recognize this type of cough because it appears that the cat has swallowed a foreign body, is suffocating and is trying to expel it.

Rapid and shallow breathing . This occurs because in the absence of oxygen, the cat seeks to breathe as it is. In serious stages the cat will breathe with its mouth open since the air that enters through the nose will not be enough.

Wheezing or high-pitched noise when air passes through bronchial tubes that have narrowed when they are inflamed and produce mucus.

– The mucous membranes turn purple due to lack of oxygenation.

Intolerance to exercise . In the absence of oxygen, the cat will avoid moving and it is that enough oxygen will not be reaching the lungs, it will lack energy. With little physical activity you will look very tired.

All these are clear symptoms of feline asthma, so if we observe them in our kitten, we should go to the veterinary clinic as soon as possible. An asthmatic cat can lead a perfectly normal life if it is treated early , otherwise there will be a deterioration of the respiratory system.

We tell you more about this respiratory disease, its causes, diagnostic tests, the different treatments that exist … and much more in the photo gallery below.

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