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Fernando Alonso reveals the detail that nobody knows about 'El Plan'

Fernando Alonso has raised expectations with 'El Plan' to the point that Joaquín and Fernando Romay, two people completely unrelated to Formula 1, asked him about this matter. "It's one of the things that social networks have and I don't really know what 'The Plan' is either. It is a bit wrong to say it. Maybe it's part of 'The Plan' not to say what it is. 'The Plan' is freaking out without knowing, "he said.

Fernando Alonso records his most monstrous car for his museum

Fernando Alonso has added a new collection piece to his museum in Asturias. It is the Toyota Hilux with which he competed in the Dakar.

McLaren used Pedro De la Rosa as bait to sign Fernando Alonso

Pedro de la Rosa reveals how the signing of Fernando Alonso by McLaren took place, where he was key for the Spaniard to end up with the British team.

Fernando Alonso 'signs' for this First Division team

Fernando Alonso is fashionable. Since he returned to Formula 1, no projects have come out of him and the last one has been to sign for Betis.

Alpine boss misses part of Fernando Alonso's 'The Plan' to become champion again

Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine and team boss, assures that Fernando Alonso's 'Plan' is to win titles "between now and the end of 2024 or 2025"

Auctioned a historic Renault by Fernando Alonso at a bargain price

Sotheby's has auctioned off a historic Renault model with which Fernando Alonso entered the 2004 Formula 1 World Championship