SportF1Fernando Alonso sends a message for 2022

Fernando Alonso sends a message for 2022

Fernando Alonso spoke at the end of the Formula 1 season making a very positive balance of his season. He finished in the general classification ahead of his teammate Esteban Ocon, signed a podium and saw how the Alpine regularly got into the points giving hope for a 2022 where the rule change could elevate them to the top positions.

“It was a good season, starting in Baku when we found a consistency that we did not find at the beginning and with the team we have smoothed out some things that I think were not top. Now we have a team that in a weekend that we are not very fast we continue to score points. We lack more features that come out of the factory. We also abandoned this car very soon, but next year we have to take a step forward and be more competitive, “said the two-time Formula 1 champion.

Fernando Alonso thinks that Alpine will live up to its legend and that it will improve performance. “We have a very good team, the race team at the weekend, as we run the weekend, we are a benchmark team in that sense. Now we need that in the two factories, which have been manufacturing in the 2022 project for a long time, when we start it up and put the car on the track we have some surprises, “he added.

The pilot analyzed what the race in which Verstappen was champion over Hamilton and in which he finished eighth brought him. “We are scoring points again in a race that was not entirely competitive . I think we went from more to less. Friday was very good, Saturday a bit worse and today regular, but even when things are going a bit badly we continue to score points. Good execution of the race, but hopefully next year we can have more potential and fight higher, “he concluded.

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