NewsFire brigade sets up boxes for escaped strangler snakes

Fire brigade sets up boxes for escaped strangler snakes

In Haldensleben there is a dangerous snake on the way. The fire brigade tries to lure the animal with snake traps.

Haldensleben – In search of an escaped reticulated python, the volunteer fire brigade in Haldensleben (Saxony-Anhalt) is now working with a trick: On Tuesday they set up six boxes with damp washcloths, as a city spokesman said.

In the best case scenario, the beige-brown animal would retreat into one of these damp caves and be found there. However, it could camouflage itself very well, said the spokesman. Citizens should not touch the boxes.

The fire brigade had exchanged views with a snake expert at the zoo in Magdeburg and learned that the approximately three-meter-long strangler snake likes damp and cool areas. The outlier is mainly sought in the vicinity of the ears. The river is not far from the apartment from which the privately kept animal presumably escaped on Saturday. If you see the reticulated python, you should definitely keep your distance and call the police. Pythons entwine their prey to kill. Depending on their size, they hunt animals weighing around 20 kilograms, sometimes even up to 50 kilograms. dpa

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