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Floriade Flower Festival

The Floriade Flower Festival in Australia’s capital is an annual festival filled with the smells, sounds and sights of Canberra spring. With spring in the air and flowers in full bloom, it’s no wonder why tourists flock to this patch of Australia every year.

With the Canberra Floriade for over a month, there is plenty of time to plan and get involved in celebrating this enriching festival.

Floriade is a great attraction for many tourists visiting the nation’s capital and after watching the festival, it can be clearly seen why. With a variety of activities that complement the stunning scenery, there is something for everyone during the month-long celebration of nature.

Situated near the flowing waters of Lake Burley Griffin, where an abundance of flora adorns the parks, the Floriade Flower Festival celebrates a different theme for each year, making for an ever-changing and unique festival. Floriade’s goal to celebrate all that is beautiful about Mother Nature is a key aspect of Australian culture.

La Floriade 2017

The Floriade Flower Festival 2017 runs from the 16th September to the 15th October in and around the city of Canberra.

You can visit and see the sights on a day trip, or extend your stay to explore the region in greater detail. Introducing new features for this year’s show is sure to have something to suit everyone throughout the month of the festival.

These include activities that you don’t normally associate with a flower festival, such as Cueva de la Comedia, a fundamental part of festival nightlife! With comedians like Hannah Gadsby on stage, this event is ready to revitalize you after a day of connecting with nature through Floriade.

Offering a good time for anyone who likes to laugh, the Comedy Cave is an integral feature of the Floriade Flower Festival. Other evening features for this glorious festival include tasting sessions along with stunning flower displays incorporating other imagery.

When exploring Canberra’s Floriade during the day, those with canine companions can’t make it through the festival’s Dog Day. This is the activity that stands out from all the rest, simply because of the incredible amount of canine cuteness that will be on display amongst the scenery!

Arriving at the Floriade

If you plan to visit Canberra for the Floriade in the spring, driving south on Northbourne Ave should take you to Commonwealth Park just before the bridge across Burley Griffin Lake. By following these instructions, you should find assigned parking spaces near the flower displays.

Make sure to reserve your accommodation and activities in advance as it is a busy time of year and certain areas can be very busy.

When you venture to the Floriade Flower Festival in Canberra, you are sure to find something that speaks to you. Although at the very least, the sheer beauty of these Australian and international flowers in full bloom would inspire just about anyone.

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Edited and updated by Sarah Megginson .

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