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The world of pets has only evolved and diversified. Where before there was only cat and dog, now there are all kinds of rodents, small mammals, birds, fish, reptiles …

At Vitakraft they have wanted to support this evolution by developing products for all kinds of species, in this way each owner will be able to give the best care and attention to their pet. And they, in return, will more than repay the love and care given to us.

Next, Vitakraft reveals to us how some small pets such as birds can help us in physical and mental improvement treatments in some groups, and how some simple care will turn our little pets, in this case chinchillas, into happy life companions.

Birds are the most recently studied species in the world of pets for Companion Animal Assisted Intervention (IAA). These are interventions in which an animal is incorporated as part of the treatment, with different objectives such as improvement in physical, emotional or cognitive functions.

In the elderly, there are numerous studies that verify the benefits that these animals report. Through various programs, their interaction has been studied in retirement communities and nursing homes where many caregivers have noted the success of using small birds as companions in this type of environment.

Canaries are known worldwide for their songs. These are said to promote deep feelings of calm and serenity. In addition, its care does not require great physical effort. It is highly recommended for the elderly who need the company of a calm and pleasant pet.

Parakeets are birds of great personality despite their small size. These birds are cheerful and lively, and in this case they require some social interaction, at least one hour a day. They do not need large cages, but it is convenient to remove them from their cages once or twice a day for a while. They are recommended for more active seniors.

Nymphs , a sweet little bird. This little cockatoo is neither loud nor destructive and also has a very affable humor. It is considered an affectionate bird and adapts well to life in captivity, although it also welcomes small moments of freedom and play. In addition, together with the parakeets, you can learn to whistle and even to speak.

The birds as pets have been shown to establish a remarkable improvement in the quality of life of the elderly and other social groups with difficulties. Among its benefits, the motivation that affects the recovery time from diseases or a higher survival rate among those who have them as pets can be highlighted.

Its positive effect on the recovery of diseases is directly related to the maintenance of interest in the animal, which can stimulate its desire to live and improve day by day.

At Vitakraft they are bird lovers. This company, leader in small pets in Spain (birds, rodents and rabbits, small mammals, turtles, fish …), offers food, snacks and accessories for all kinds of birds. In its catalog we can find menus for parakeets, canaries, parrots (gray parrots, Amazon parrots), lovebirds, cockatoos and other exotic birds. They also have formulas for all of them enriched with vitamins and minerals, as well as with the incorporation of probiotics, with its specific and patented formula, PROVITA®.

We can also play and pamper our bird with a multitude of snacks.

We can find them in the form of a bar, some natural bars that combine cereals, fruits, honey, eggs … on a wooden stick. They have the robustness and consistency necessary for our bird to entertain and obtain its food as it would in nature.

In its catalog we will also discover different fruit and seed cocktails, the perfect food supplement to achieve a splendid color in its plumage.

They also have accessories such as natural sand that absorb moisture, coat hangers so that they can file their nails and others to file the beak.

Check their website and discover all the products for the care of your bird.

But maybe, as we said at the beginning of the article, you are more of mustaches and teeth. Then your ideal pet could be a rodent like the chinchilla.

They are very clean animals, they themselves are in charge of cleaning, combing and grooming their fur. The ideal is to put at the disposal of your chinchilla a drawer with specialized sand.

Children, as beings in constant learning and evolution, are the most favored for all the benefits that domestic animals provide. In addition, numerous studies indicate how the little ones are often attracted to the gentle and delicate appearance of small rodents.

Rodents have become one of the pets that most populate homes. Their small size, their peaceful character and their easy care make them a perfect option for smaller environments.

The chinchilla, for example, is a very special option. This small rodent has a sweet, affectionate and personable character. In addition, it has an extremely soft coat and a very social character.

Caring for this rodent is something special. From Vitakraft they have wanted to give us some tips for all those who have a chinchilla in their homes.

1) We must offer you a space that identifies as your home. We can buy a cage for chinchillas, that is, of a certain size and with several floors. These curious animals are very active, they will love going up and down the different floors through bars and ramps.

2) The base of their cage must be smooth, if they were bars they could hurt their legs and hurt their joints. The cleanliness and hygiene of the home of a chinchilla is very important. We will have to remove dirt and dirty hay on a daily basis. When we want to clean their cage we can do it with a scouring pad and hot water, no soap to prevent any rest from coming into contact with it.

3) The bed must be adequate. It can be made with some special vegetable shavings or with a nesting substrate for rodents.

In Vitakraft they have some very natural and interesting options for this animal:

Vegetable Clean Corn . Some crushed corncob hearts, with lemon extract for an optimal aroma and good odor control.

Chip Comfort. 100% natural and compostable pressed sawdust chips. They are super absorbent and have good odor control. It is a product that does not cause dust and is hypoallergenic.

Comfort Golden straw. Natural straw, perfect as a cage bottom due to its great insulating capacity. It is also 100% compostable.

4) Try to place your cage in a cool, airy and dry place. Keep in mind that they are animals that get overheated easily. They should not be exposed to temperatures above 25 ° C or below 11 ° C.

Food will be one of the foundations of the chinchilla’s well-being and health. Therefore, it is convenient to inform yourself and give your pet the nutritional requirements it needs.

Domestic chinchillas are herbivores. They can eat any type of edible vegetable. However, a diet based on specialized feed that combines all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need is recommended.

The Vitakraft brand offers a specialized menu for these rodents:

Pellets menu. An ideal choice as a food base, with an appetizing texture. It contains malt and is enriched with vitamins. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Remember to change the water in your chinchilla’s drinking fountain every day. They should always have clean and fresh water at their disposal, which will keep you away from bacterial or gastric problems.

Chinchillas are very affectionate and playful. Do not forget to give him an occasional snack that entertains him and shows him your affection. Vitakraft Baked Bars are a natural and crunchy snack, perfect for you to entertain and enjoy.

They are very clean animals, they themselves are in charge of cleaning, combing and grooming their fur. The ideal is to put at the disposal of your chinchilla a drawer with specialized sand. She herself, with the help of the sanitary litter, will wash herself. In this way they get rid of the moisture and fat that their hair may have absorbed, keeping them away from fungi.

Sandy sand. Very fine sand with round granules, special for chinchillas. Soft and delicate to favor the care of its coat.

Visit the Vitakraft website to find all kinds of products for your rodents

Find all these products in your trusted supermarket or in specialized stores and don’t forget to offer your chinchilla all the care it needs.

At Vitakraft they have the firm belief that all animals deserve to be loved, which is why their extensive catalog allows them to satisfy the nutritional and functional needs of all kinds of small pets: birds, rodents, rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, turtles and fish.

As the Spanish leader in the small pet category, you can find menus, snacks, accessories and functional products with the greatest diversity. His philosophy is based on offering love for each of our animals.


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