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From acting to directing: actors who took charge

On the one hand there are actors who always had the soul of a director, others instead learned from the great masters with whom they worked, being considered today as great filmmakers. The change of role from management to acting is not so common anymore, perhaps because it requires more individual preparation. An actor directing can have a great team behind him as is the case of a first-line assistant who solves inexperience behind the camera. On the contrary, a director without acting studies will hardly be able to rely on someone who solves such a self-taught exercise. These are some cases of actors who went behind the cameras: Clint Eastwood The last great living icon of American cinema. This lone ranger was not an actor with an overwhelming register either, but he did resolve his characters with temperance and an innate magnetism. Little can be said for Eastwood as a director that hasn’t already been said, leaving his mark as he has thanks to heartbreaking stories like Mystic River, Million Dollar baby and Unforgiven. Ben Affleck No one expected anything from the Hollywood pretty boy and yet, Ben Affleck closed the mouths of more than one with his first work, Goodbye little one, goodbye. Still, many believed that it was due to luck or the value of the original history book, written by Dennis Lehane. Affleck would successfully continue his career with The Town and win the Best Picture Oscar for Argo. The Daredevil actor has already shown himself particularly well in other departments, taking home an Academy Award for the screenplay of The Indomitable Will Hunting shared with Matt Damon.Mel Gibson Controversial like none other, the Australian was a successful actor in the 1990s .He took a liking to directing with the faceless man, to later turn Scotland upside down with Braveheart. The story has always been to the liking of Gibson, who also portrayed the Indians in Apocalypto and the last days of the Son of God in The Passion. Kenneth Branagh The Perfect Hamlet? Branagh acted and directed one of the best adaptations of Shakespeare’s play. He is now engrossed in Agatha Christie’s adaptations of Murder on the Orient Express. The director has a predilection for the theatrical, as can be seen in his filmography with Enrique V and Much noise and little nuts.

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