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War movies available on streaming that changed everything

War cinema is a highly recurrent genre in the Hollywood industry and, throughout the history of the seventh art, we have enjoyed timeless works that radically changed the rules of cinema. A series of productions that, in one way or another, represented a before and after and still today have a direct impact on the public. These seven films are a small review of the wars on the big screen, signed by the best filmmakers from the world of celluloid. As much for its scenic, narrative or cinematographic style proposal, the tapes passed to the posterity of the war cinema. From Amazon Prime and Filmin we have the possibility of seeing these true masterpieces in our living room, thus enjoying the most spectacular genre through streaming platforms. ‘Paths of glory’ (Filmin) Stanley Kubrick is considered one of the great eminences of cinema and their filmography left unforgettable films in each of the existing genres. One of his first works was ‘Paths of Glory’ which, in 1957, transported us to the First World War. The film, instead of narrating the harshness on the battlefield, presents us with a harsh tale that delves into the government bureaucracy. An overwhelming drama in which some soldiers face the death penalty after withdrawing from combat; delving into the psychological terror of a conviction as unjust as it is inevitable. ‘The Great Escape’ (Filmin) ‘The Great Escape’ is a classic inherent in the history of cinema and, as in ‘Paths of Glory’, it dispenses with the sequences on the battlefield to show us the harshness of the Nazi concentration camps.The film tells the story of a group of prisoners who prepare to escape from the Germans through an arduous plan that, for almost three hours, leaves the viewer in suspense. A classic from which many other films have drank directly over the years.’Apocalypse Now ‘(Amazon Prime) Francis Ford Coppola is another of the greats of the industry and, in 1979, he made one of the best films of his filmography and, for many, the definitive film of war cinema. Spectacular sequences, unforgettable phrases or the most impressive interpretations of Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando turned ‘Apocalypse Now’ into a work of unmatched quality. “The terror” of Vietnam was clearly reflected to the rhythm of the ‘Ride of the Valkyries’, demonstrating the artistic power that has marked Coppola’s career. ‘The metal jacket’ (Amazon Prime) ‘Paths of glory’ was not the only one Kubrick’s contribution to war cinema and 30 years after the Kirk Douglas film, he signed another classic of the genre. ‘The Metal Jacket’ features a heartbreaking first act that has become an inherent part of popular culture and also earned the filmmaker the Oscar for best adapted screenplay. A new industry turning point that stands out among the best of Kubrick’s filmography. ‘Platoon’ (Filmin) Since ‘Apocalypse Now’, the Vietnam War has been a great resource within the world of celluloid. However, creating under Coppola’s shadow is not something everyone can take on, something that Oliver Stone was one of the few who managed to excel. Platoon explicitly narrated American cruelty in the Asian jungle, featuring a Charlie Sheen who was beginning to sound like the next Hollywood star.It is not a movie suitable for all stomachs; Assuming one of the filmmaker’s first criticisms of the warmongering culture of his country. ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ (Amazon Prime) Clint Eastwood wanted to be a stranger to war cinema and, when he decided to enter the genre, he did so under his own rules. ‘Flags of our fathers’ and ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ hit theaters at the same time and tell exactly the same historical event. However, each one captures the point of view of one of the sides and, in the case of the story of the Japanese front, it was one of the first times that Hollywood changed its narrative perspective. A story loaded with veracity that is far superior to its partner; eliminating in the process any stereotype about the Japanese army. ‘1917 ‘(Amazon Prime) We end the list with one of the most recent works of war cinema, nominated for an Oscar for best picture last year. Shot in a sequence shot, Sam Mendes wanted to portray life in the trenches during the First World War as realistically as possible. The director automatically won the recognition of public and critics in equal parts and, from Amazon Prime, we have the opportunity to enter the battlefield with a rhythm and technical proposal rarely seen before in the genre. A modern classic that stands out for its impeccable quality.

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