FunNature & AnimalFruit or vegetable skewers for poultry

Fruit or vegetable skewers for poultry

The dish you are going to cook today will not be for you. You know they will be the ones who enjoy this rich, healthy and fresh recipe that you have in your hands. In addition, not only will it be a pleasant meal but it will help your birds to entertain themselves. It will help them to forget about boredom while having a good time pecking.

Sometimes our winged friends get tired of their usual toys, of always finding their food in the feeder or of pecking the same bar of seeds so with this skewer they will feel a change in their routine.

Always choose fresh ingredients for your birds

To make the skewer, the ingredients and materials you will need will be:

• A cutting board.
• A knife .
• A support or stick to nail the ingredients. Check that it cannot harm your animal. The best option is to buy bars or sticks that are already on the market designed for bird appetizers, without edges, tips or susceptible to splintering.
Seasonal fruits (pear, apple, peach …).
Fresh vegetables such as chard, cucumber, carrot, zucchini …

To prepare the juicy fruit or vegetable skewer, cut the food into squares that are neither too big nor too small. Of a size that does not break when pierced on the skewer. The size will also be important so that your pet cannot swallow the squares at once and it will take a while to peck.

Use fresh fruits and vegetables such as pear, apple, nectarine, aubergine … as they will attract more attention to our animal.

Place the pieces on the skewer separating the types of fruit and vegetables so that each peck is a different and enriching experience. Buon appetito!

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