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God of War Ragnarok: after the mess with the logo of the game in a document, Sony assures that neither the logo nor the name are final

In September of last year Sony held a conference in which they left us with bombshell news by revealing that Sony Santa Monica was working on a new God of War that was initially going to respond to the name of God of War Ragnarok, which is it ended up confirming shortly after that it was actually already in development since April 2019.

Despite the fact that at all times it gave the impression that this was going to be the definitive name of Kratos’ new adventure, it seems that in the end it will not be like that . The point is that Sony has recently published a report for investors in which the logo of some of its next video games appeared and among them you could see that of God of War Ragnarok , as you can see below.

However, Sony has rushed to update this document (page 9), exchanging the image for another in which this time a more generic God of War logo appears.

This has led the company to apologize and clarify that it has not actually been decided yet what will be the logo and the final name that will be assigned to the game in the end, as a representative of Sony has expressed to the IGN portal:

The name and logo of the next God of War game are not final. An incorrect logo was used by mistake in our investor relations presentation. We cannot wait to share more information and apologize for any confusion.

Beyond all this, we have not had more news about the next God of War that, unless there is some change, will be exclusive to PS5. So, we will have to wait until Sony makes a new event dedicated to its next releases and cross our fingers so that this one is among the titles on the parade.

On the other hand, we remember that Sony Santa Monica published a job offer at the beginning of 2021 in which it advised that it was looking for an art director for a completely new video game that had not been announced yet , so it will also be necessary to be pending about of this mysterious title.

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