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Hip dysplasia in dogs: what is it? How does it affect them? – What is the disease?

Hip dysplasia is a very common problem in certain breeds with a lot of weight and large size in which it has an incidence of 20%, according to the FOA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals).

It is hereditary, which means that certain breeds or families of dogs can be prone to it. It is a pathology that due to its degree of pain can lead the animal to incapacitation. The disease is degenerative. This is why it is so important that we become aware of this problem early. However, this disease is not innate to the animal, but develops during the growth phase of the puppy’s limbs, so we must wait about 3-4 months for the pathology to be detected and a test can be carried out with visible results and in this way make an adequate treatment.

As in us, the hip joint in dogs is a “ball (head of bone) and socket” system that must fit together perfectly. In dogs suffering from hip dysplasia disease, this articulatory system is loose and dislodged in such a way that the ball can even partially rotate out of its socket. Over time, this problem causes wear and tear on the cartilage that joins the joint, which leads to serious diseases such as osteoarthritis (especially when dogs are already of a certain age).

A dog is not considered dysplasia-free until after two years of age, no problems or inconsistencies are seen on control radiographs. In any case, great caution must be exercised since although the dog has not had early symptoms, the dysplasia remains and in many cases the problems reappear after a while and sooner or later signs of osteoarthritis appear in the hips.

From Muy Pets we want to alert you to this pathology since it is quite common and we recommend that you observe your pet to avoid more serious problems as it grows.

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