FunNature & AnimalHow are hairballs produced in cats?

How are hairballs produced in cats?

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Have you ever seen your cat vomit a hairball? Do you know why he does it? The veterinarian Carlos Rodríguez tells us in this didactic video sequence how hairballs are formed and what we can do to make it easier for the cat to eliminate them.

The cat is a very clean animal that washes itself continuously. In washing (licking) hairs are trapped on his tongue that he later swallows . When passing into the esophagus, these hairs together with the ingested water will form a ball that the animal will try to expel. If we give malt to our pet, it will expel the hairs through the feces. If we do not provide it, the only way you will find to evacuate them will be through vomiting.

The most advisable thing is to provide malt to our cat so that it can easily expel the hairs ingested in the toilet. In the market you will find various formats of malt: like a toothpaste, in a snack format … and depending on your amount of hair and length, you will need to eat more or less malt.

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