LivingTravelHow do I get from Gatwick airport to London?

How do I get from Gatwick airport to London?

Gatwick is located approximately 30 miles south of central London. London Gatwick (LGW) is the second largest airport in the UK after Heathrow. The two terminals, North and South, are connected by an efficient monorail service, with a travel time of two minutes.

Traveling by train between Gatwick Airport and central London

The Gatwick Express is the fastest way to central London. The station is located in the South Terminal and is connected to other parts by escalators and elevators. Gatwick Express operates four trains per hour to and from London Victoria, with a travel time of 30 minutes. There is no service between 12:32 am and 3:30 am from London and between 1:35 am and 4:35 pm from Gatwick. Other rail operators offer services during the night. Fares are £ 17.80 for a single ticket. Note that you can no longer buy your ticket on the train, instead you can book online and use the self-service machines to print your ticket.

Since early 2016, you can also use contactless payment (by touching a bank card with the contactless payment symbol on the card reader) or the Oyster card to pay while traveling between Gatwick Airport and London on the Gatwick Express.

These “pay-as-you-go” options give you the most flexibility if you’re in a rush, as you don’t need to queue to buy a ticket. Remember to tap your card (Oyster card or accepted bank card) on the yellow card reader at the beginning of your trip, and use the same card to tap again at the end. You will be automatically charged the correct rate for the trip you have taken (deducted directly from your bank account or Oyster card balance).

If you’re making a return trip, it’s cheaper to buy a paper return ticket online and then print it out at self-service vending machines.

  • Thameslink operates up to four trains per hour to and from four central London stations. Tickets start at £ 16.56 and travel time is 30 minutes on average. An hourly service operates overnight. (First Capital Connect stopped working on this route in 2014).
  • Southern also operates a rail service to London Bridge and Victoria, with four trains per hour. The journey to Victoria takes about 30 minutes and costs from £ 17 for a single ticket.

Coach services between Gatwick Airport and central London

  • National Express operates an hourly bus service to and from Victoria Bus Station. The fastest travel time is around 80 minutes. The fees are £ 8.
  • easyBus operates from 3 am to 11:25 pm and Gatwick (north and south terminals) from 4:25 am to 1:10 am. Travel time is approximately 65 minutes. Online rates are always better than paying the driver. Prices start at £ 4 for a single ticket.

Private shuttle between Gatwick Airport and Central London

There are a variety of private transportation options. If you need a larger vehicle, to be able to carry 6-8 passengers, this airport transportation option for larger vehicles is the best. If you need a standard size vehicle airport shuttle service, this company can offer you a 24 hour service. If you want to arrive in style, private executive transfers are available. And if you want a shared fixed price transfer from the airport to your hotel, it is also available. Everything can be booked through Viator.

Taxi from Gatwick Airport to Central London

You can usually find a queue for black taxis at both terminals. The fare is metered, but beware of additional charges, such as overnight or weekend trips. Tipping is not mandatory, but 10 percent is considered the norm. Expect to pay at least £ 100 to get to central London. Only use a reputable mini-cabin and never use unauthorized drivers offering their services at airports or stations.

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