FunNature & AnimalHow do I get my rat or mouse domesticated?

How do I get my rat or mouse domesticated?

Although much less is said about it, the protectors also collect and take care of small rodents of people who no longer want or can take care of them. There are even shelters that specialize in the care and adoption of these mammals. A rat or mouse are a good choice for a family with young children or for those who cannot dedicate hours a day to their animal.

These animals are very intelligent, highlighting the memory of rats, that is why their domestication will seem simple and will have very satisfactory results.

We have already talked about what diet rats and mice follow, how many babies they have and even how large their home should be. But if you have just introduced one of these rodents at home, the main thing is that you learn the best way to manipulate them with your hands, the time and how to help them adapt to your home and your circumstances. Today we are going to guide the rules on handling and domestication.

On too many occasions, people who have a small mammal in their home throw themselves or touch it, catch it … without having the slightest idea of how to do it or what can happen when they come into contact with the animal so directly and without a few previous. This ignorance can cause physical harm to your pet and bite and scratch injuries to the reckless owner.

After this first scare, doubts arise: can we get our domestic rat to obey us? Will we get her to do tricks if we set out to train her with dedication?

Small mammals are not explosive detection dogs, nor perfectly trained guide dogs to carry out a task … We can expect small mammals to know us, recognize us and even take affection but not to bring us the newspaper or the slippers, that protect the house or that save the family from the flames.

To domesticate one of these animals you have to know its characteristics and its way of relating to other beings and adapt to them to achieve good results.

Rats quickly trust humans if you treat them well

These wise rodents rarely bite unless they are scared or in pain. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to lift them by placing a hand around the forelimbs. The thumb is placed under the jaw so that the pressure prevents the animal from biting.

If you notice that your furry is aggressive, it will grab by the tail, keeping it hanging.

It is preferable that we never grab the rat by the neck because this can make the animal very nervous.

Most house mice are very docile, but in unfamiliar surroundings they can bite. Be careful when he gets home because he will be tense.

They should not be grabbed by the neck either.

We must give both rats and mice enough time to adapt to get to know the owners. From that moment on we can handle them with peace of mind.

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