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How many people have your baby's name? Find out with this tool

When choosing the baby’s name, there are parents who want it to be an exclusive name that very few people have. And on the contrary, there are also parents who are looking for the most frequent names or the most popular at that time.

Both for some and for others, or out of simple curiosity, this tool from the INE (National Institute of Statistics) to find out the frequency of the names of residents in Spain will be very useful.

How many are called…?

If you want to know how many people have the name you want to give your son or daughter, or the one you have already given, the answer is in this INE tool to find out the frequency of a name in Spain.

All you have to do is enter the name below here (by placing the cursor in the blank box, and clicking on name) and it will give you a result with the number of people with that name, men or women, and the average age. You can also know the frequency of the surname.

You will also see a map with the frequency of that name by province of residence. We have tried it with Lucía, the girl’s name most chosen by Spaniards according to the latest data from the INE. There are more than two hundred and eleven thousand girls with that name, with an average age of 24.2 years.

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It is a fun, and even somewhat addictive, tool to use if you are preparing a list of possible names for the unborn baby. It also allows you to search by surnames , so if you are deciding the order of surnames that the baby will have, you will also be interested in knowing how many people have each one.

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