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How to call someone in Sweden

Do you need to call Sweden and are not sure how to do it? There are some easy steps to follow. All you need is the country code and area code and you’re done. Before calling, check what time it is in Sweden so you don’t call when it’s the middle of the night there.

Also, when using a calling card to call Sweden, follow the instructions on the card. However, not all prepaid calling cards allow you to make calls to other countries. The same is true for cell phones, check with your provider if you have any problems.

Country and area codes

To make an international call from the US, dial 011 first. From Europe and Asia, dial 00. From Australia, dial 0011.

  1. To call Sweden, dial the country code for Sweden, which is 46.
  2. Then dial the one to three digit Swedish area code. If the area code of the phone number begins with 0, omit the 0. For example, if a phone number for Stockholm begins with 08, which is the area code for this city, you would not dial 0.
  3. Finally, dial the local five to eight digit phone number. Wait for the call to connect and speak.

To make a call from Sweden, dial 00 for an international call and then the country code (for example, 1 for the US, 33 for France, 61 for Australia, etc.) before the actual number.

Phone label

It is important to note that someone in Sweden would expect a caller to identify themselves in Swedish (just as they would expect to hear English when answering the phone in their English-speaking home country). So what is the proper label? It is polite to start your phone conversation with a simple hej (hello) and then say ” forstar du engelska ” (do you understand English?) If you cannot continue speaking Swedish. Know that almost everyone in Sweden speaks English. You can also learn some basic Swedish phrases.


You can also start your conversation by saying “Hi, I don’t speak Swedish, do you speak English?” to ensure that the person responding is immediately aware of your language preference. This is a quick and easy step to avoid any confusion and language barriers during phone calls, especially in the business world.

At first, private people who already know you and your language skills may not take into account some words of broken Swedish and then listen as you move your conversation to English once you have exhausted your Swedish vocabulary. Most people appreciate when a foreigner tries to say a few words in their native language, even if it comes out with an imperfect pronunciation. Try it next time.

Important numbers

Area codes for the 10 largest cities in Sweden include:

  • Estocolmo: 8
  • Gothenburg: 31
  • Malmo: 40
  • Uppsala: 18
  • Vasteras: 21
  • Orebro: 19
  • Linkoping: 13
  • Helsingborg: 42
  • Jonkoping: 36
  • Norkkoping: 46

Local phone numbers you may need while visiting Sweden:

  • 112: emergency services
  • 11313: Information during emergency events and major accidents.
  • 11414: Police (non-emergency)

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