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How to combat odors at home when you have pets

One of the main concerns of people who have pets is that the smell of their home does not indicate that there is a furry living there. No matter how meticulous we become, we must understand one thing: the smell of pets is stronger than ours .

Dogs, as a general rule, give off a strong smell , although it depends on the breed. In the case of cats, it is not their body odor but the smell of their urine that could discover that an animal lives there. However, if the necessary hygienic measures are taken, the bad smell should not be a problem when living with a pet.

Here are some tips and advice.

Ask someone

In the same way that we get used to the aroma of our perfume and it gives us the feeling that others will not notice that we have put it on, the same thing happens with bad smells. For this reason, a good solution is to ask someone you trust about the smell that our house gives off . Living there we get used to its aromas and, sometimes, we are not aware of them, and more so of our pets, with whom we live 24 hours a day.

The breath of the furry

Our pet’s breath is one of the strongest odors it gives off. In addition to being very important for your health, taking care of your pet’s mouth is essential to avoid unwanted odors. Creating a dental cleaning routine for your pet once a week will help prevent their breath from becoming an enemy to cleaning the home.

Take care of your diet

A good digestion begins with a good diet. Depending on the breed, activity and age of the pet, its nutrition should be different. Therefore, it must adapt to each stage and change according to the needs of the moment. If the digestions are good, the odors will be reduced .

Clean their belongings

In the same way that we clean our sheets, our clothes … Keeping everything that comes into contact with our furry clean, whether they are household items such as all their belongings (their bed, toys, etc.) will help maintain harmony at home. It must be taken into account that it is in these objects where the greatest number of bacteria, hair and dirt accumulate and that, therefore, they are the main source of bad odors. There are also antibacterial beds and mattresses, made with different fabrics, that repel dirt.

Disinfect once a week

We know that, no matter how much we have two or three mattresses or beds for him scattered around the house, it is inevitable that they will take over a carpet, a cushion or the entire sofa. For this reason, we must pay special attention to the places where our furry is habitually, to disinfect them frequently and keep them clean. Air fresheners, anti-odor candles and air purifiers will be good allies in these cases.

Ventilate the house

In winter or summer. One of the keys so that our home does not keep bad odors (either from our pet or for another reason) is to open the windows to air it. 10 minutes a day will be enough . It will renew the air and give the feeling of cleanliness.

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