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How to do responsible tourism without harming the animals – Could I have been a “bad tourist”?

In an act of ignorance we have probably been bad tourists . Yes, yes, bad tourists. Why? On some occasions, in our eagerness to admire and get to know nature more closely, we have been able to harm the environment and in the same way we have collaborated with places that have no respect for fauna. But do not worry! We would all be guilty then, you only have to do a knowledge exercise to know exactly what are the acts that you, as a tourist, can avoid to be responsible for animals and the environment.

Being a responsible tourist with animals has nothing to do with not being able to enjoy them. What you have to do is explore ethical alternatives to get to know them in their natural form and habitat, without posing a danger to them or to us.

Probably in many of our trips we come across activities that involve animals as objects of leisure. Many times the impression and the lack of information “blinds” us and does not let us see the true consequences or the impact caused by some tours or tourist activities with animals.

With this gallery, we only want you to know a series of rules and commandments so that, in practice, you are a more responsible and conscious tourist with the activities you do on vacation as well as knowing ethical and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Most of us, out of ignorance, out of “innocence” have contributed in some way to an industry of animal abuse at the tourist level that extends all over the world. Various associations report on this situation and try to help animals while raising awareness of animal respect for all travelers and tourists. One of them is the FAADA organization which, based on a map, shows us how to be a responsible tourist with the environment and with animals and depending on the place you want to visit so that, in that way, we are responsible and aware of our actions.

We insist on the idea that with this article we do not want to make any reader feel guilty, we only intend to inform about the need to practice responsible tourism that does not interfere with or benefit activities that have no respect for the animal’s own life and only seek profit in an unethical way.

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