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How to find your Suffolk County, NY tax map number.

The Suffolk County government on Long Island, New York maintains a Tax Map Division within its Real Estate Tax Service Agency. There are more than 585,000 parcels of land in Suffolk County. Although there may be similar addresses in the county, each parcel has its own unique tax map number to positively identify it. This information appears on your property tax bill.

Each parcel of land on a tax map will include the following types of identification: there will be a district, section, block, and lot number. An example would be the following DSBL (Division, Section, Block, Lot) numbers: If a tax invoice contains the numbers 0200, this would indicate that the district is Brookhaven. 00100 would indicate that Section 1, 0100 means that it is Block 1, and 001000 would indicate Lot 1.

If you are looking to divide a lot, or build a structure on your lot in Suffolk County, etc., you should first check the zoning and parcel variation requirements of your town or village planning and construction department.

If you don’t know your Suffolk County tax map number, it’s easy to find out. Just call your local City Assessor’s office or the town clerk.

Clerk’s Office Phone Numbers

  • Amityville Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 264-6000
  • Asharoken Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 261-7098
  • Babylon Village Clerk’s Office: (631) 669-1500
  • Belle Terre Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 928-0020
  • Bellport Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 286-0327
  • Village of Brightwaters Clerk’s Office: (631) 665-1280
  • Derring Harbor Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 749-0020
  • East Hampton Town Clerk’s Office: (631)324-4150
  • Greenport Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 477-2385
  • Head of the Harbor Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 584-5500
  • Huntington Bay Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 427-2843
  • Icelandic People’s Clerk’s Office: (631) 348-1133
  • Village of Lake Grove Clerk’s Office: (631) 585-2000
  • Lindenhurst Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 957-7500
  • Lloyd Harbor Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 549-8893
  • Village of Mastic Beach Clerk’s Office: (631) 281-2326
  • Nissequogue Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 862-7400
  • North Haven Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 725-1378
  • Northport Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 261-7502
  • Village of Ocean Beach Clerk’s Office: (631) 583-5940
  • Village of Old Field Clerk’s Office: (631) 941-9412
  • Patchogue Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 475-4300
  • Poquott Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 331-0402
  • Port Jefferson Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 473-4724
  • Sag Harbor Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 725-0222
  • Saltaire Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 583-5566
  • Shoreham Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 821-0680
  • Southampton Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 283-0247
  • Quogue Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 653-4498
  • Village of The Branch Clerk’s Office: (631) 265-3315
  • Westhampton Beach Town Clerk’s Office: (631) 288-1654
  • Village of West Hampton Dunes Clerk’s Office: (631) 288-6571

City Assessor Suffolk County Offices

  • Babylon City: (631) 957-3014
  • City of Brookhaven: (631) 451-6300
  • City of East Hampton: (631) 324-4187
  • City of Huntington: (631) 351-3226
  • City of Islip: (631) 224-5585
  • City of Riverhead: (631) 727-3200
  • City of Shelter Island: (631) 749-1080
  • City of Smithtown: (631) 360-7560
  • City of Southampton: (631) 283-6020
  • Town of Southold: (631) 765-1937

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