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How to get tickets to TV shows in London

Going to see a live recording of a TV show can be a cheap, joyous and entertaining night (or day) in London. There are several studios in London that offer free tickets to chat shows, comedy shows, panel shows, and more. Apply for tickets online through one of the companies below to get free tickets to a popular TV show.

General advice for study audiences

As a general rule, most London television studios prefer their audience members to be at least 16 years old. Check the age limit before reserving tickets. Most companies will ask you to bring a photo ID to the studio in order to enter.

Most shows take 1.5-2.5 hours to record, so be patient and wait a long time as you usually can’t move from your seat once recording starts. The studio staff will do their best to keep you entertained during set changes or if there are any technical issues that could delay the procedures.

The bbc

The BBC offers free television program tickets for BBC television and radio programs. Choose the show you are interested in and fill out an online application form and the BBC will send you tickets two weeks before the show date. If you haven’t planned ahead and want to know if you can watch a BBC program this week, check the upcoming programs by date on the website. Once you have seen what is available, you can call the BBC on +44 (0) 20 8576 1227 to reserve your tickets. Many of the tickets are assigned through a random drawing. Popular shows include Strictly Come Dancing and Later With Jools Holland.

Applause shop

The Applause Store offers free tickets to some of the UK’s most popular TV shows, including Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor . All tickets are free, but you must register to reserve tickets.

Happy laugh

As the name implies, Chortle specializes in comedy listings. You will find information on upcoming shows and instructions on how to book tickets on the site.

TV recordings

TV Recordings offers free online tickets to some of the best entertainment TV show recordings in London, including Not Going Out and Russell Howard Hour . Getting a ticket is a very simple process – register, choose a show, print an e-ticket, and then go to the show. What could be more easy!

SRO hearings

SRO Audiences promotes entries to some of the best entertainment shows in the country, including panels like 8 of 10 Cats and current affairs talk shows like Loose Women . Requesting tickets is very simple. You just need to fill out an online form and then wait for your email confirmation that will inform you if your application has been successful.

Lost on tv

Lost in TV offers free tickets for some shows renowned as The Apprentice: You’re Fired, Ninja Warrior UK and Catchphrase. The company is also looking for entrants for new shows, making it an interesting site to examine what shows are in the works.

Be on the screen

Be On Screen is another company that offers tickets to the public, but you can also find out how to participate in television shows.

Watching a TV show taping can be a fun night and a chance to see your favorite show being created. And since tickets are generally free, it’s a great option for entertainment on a budget.

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