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How to give your dog a pill

Do you have to give your dog a pill but don’t know how to do it? Doesn’t he take it himself and are you afraid of hurting him if you force it into his mouth? Do you think he’s going to drown? Are you afraid it will bite you? The veterinarian Ana Anglada, from Anaga Centro Veterinario , gives us a few tips and tricks to get the dog to take the medication without doing him any harm. Go for it!

The ideal when giving a pill to any animal is to take it by itself, without forcing. In this sense, the veterinarian tells us that the pharmaceutical industry often manufactures tablets for veterinary medicine that are coated with flavoring substances that are palatable for pets . If we are lucky enough that what the specialist has ordered our furry to drink tastes delicious, prize! See if he eats it by himself.

If we have not been so lucky (it happens on many occasions), the next thing we will try so that the dog takes the pill he will only be to break the tablet and crush it . Be careful because not all pills can do this, so first of all, we should ask the vet. If the answer is positive, we will proceed to crush the tablet and mix it with some food that the animal likes. If it has a creamy texture to better camouflage the pill, all the better. The veterinarian recommends us to mix the tablet with cream cheese, wet food or pate. Try to see!

Didn’t you get the furry to take the pill? Let’s try the ultimate tactic, that is, force it into your mouth. Do not fear, if you do it as recommended by the veterinarian, you do not have to harm him .

To put the pill in the dog’s mouth, we will have to open its mouth wide (note how the veterinarian places her hands so as not to take a bite!) And strain the tablet at the end , at the entrance of the throat. We will gently close his nose, keeping our hand there and blow his nose. The animal will react to the blowing with its mouth closed by swallowing the pill. He won’t spit it out! Et voilà! Our dog will have taken the medication without any further problem.

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