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How to Treat a Nervous Cat to Calm Down – They Hate Changes

As a general rule, cats are calm animals that enjoy relaxing inside the home. The sofa, bed or cardboard boxes are their favorite places, where they can spend hours and hours without claiming your attention. However, it is possible that you have ever encountered a particularly nervous kitten. This is because some furry dogs cannot bear changes in their environment and are easily stressed , so they could become aggressive or even attack. It is the natural reaction to the fear they feel at that moment, so we should not yell at them or upset them even more.

Any novel stimulus can cause them to panic. Car trips and removals are often not well received by kitties. In addition, like human beings, they are uncomfortable with certain objects, noises and smells, so it will be essential to learn to recognize their reactions. Some behaviors are key to understanding him: if his tail stands up, growls, does not want to cuddle or hides, it is quite likely that he feels stressed or that he is afraid for some reason. Keep alert!

On the other hand, your cat’s nervousness may be related to some disease. Some felines suffer from chronic stress, dermatological disorders, and musculoskeletal problems. Going to the vet to determine what happens to your pet will always be the best option.

How to deal with a nervous cat

To avoid suffering for your pet, it is important to be proactive and eliminate anything that can cause stress. However, we know that it is not always possible, so you will have to help him adapt little by little. It will be essential that the furry have a place where they can feel protected and that is according to their tastes. In addition, you must take into account the age and character of the animal if you intend to incorporate another pet at home.

In the same way, you can attract him with food or try to give him his favorite toy. The animal will feel happy for a long time and will forget what it has around it. It will be just as convenient if you use a calm tone of voice and have a calm demeanor. Remember that your furry cannot relax if you are stressed. If you want to know more about nervousness in cats, don’t miss the following gallery.

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