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I want to have a pet, which animal is better for me to adopt?

When we have decided to adopt a pet, the first thing to do is choose the animal, of course that always comes rolled but many times we move for reasons that are not adequate. Aspects such as image or prejudice against a species should not influence as much as they do.

At this exact moment, we should use the less used sense, common sense. Future owners would have to think about whether we can take the time to take a dog out to the street, if it is the animal we choose; if we can make ourselves like a feline; if we can adapt to the cleaning requirements of an aquarium if we like fish …

Tragically, in many cases the choice of an animal is born to us, it comes from within us and without much preamble we bring a living being home. But, as we never tire of repeating, choosing a new member of the family should involve a long meditation, long periods of information (always from experts in companion animals), evaluating one’s circumstances and having the acceptance of all members of home.

If we are guided solely by what is born to us, the decision will be based, among other things, on our paternal instinct . The constitution, behaviors and gestures of some beings lead us to feel great tenderness, especially those who have “features” similar to those of a human infant.

Perhaps this paternalistic idea does not sound like anything to you but you cannot argue that we get corny when a beautiful furry approaches us. Haven’t you ever seen yourself speaking with shrill voices and diminutives to your animal? Relax, we have all done it.

We like more animals that inspire us emotions

In the selection of the animal we get closer to

· Those creatures that show us suspicion and have sympathetic abilities.

· Warm-blooded animals than cold-blooded ones.

· Hairy and, if possible, long-haired.

· Docile animals and those that do not generate danger.

Obviously, this is a generalization because there are people who choose to have a reptile over a dog, those who adore Sphynx cats above any super furry animal, or those who unceremoniously choose to have a scorpion as a companion animal.

How can some humans choose these animals or a similar one as a housemate?

Various reasons are given why one pet or another is chosen. Continuing with the scorpion: these arachnids require little space, they do not require time to take them out to the street to relieve themselves, they will not mark your sofa, they do not require large amounts of money … Who says it is not a good pet ?

Of course, most of those who want to live with an animal are looking for one that inspires emotions , with which to share moments, to keep them company, to receive them happy when they get home … Someone who lifts your spirits is always better than the one who lives in a terrarium without much movement.

Apparently they have a better reputation and are more sought after those animals that adapt to the expectations we have of living with a pet and those that satisfy our paternalistic desire for protection, while protecting us.

But one thing is the reasons why the desire to have a pet appears in us and another, very different, the way in which we try to satisfy that need. No future owner should bring a “bug” home without first having reconsidered the time and space available, the resources that he will want to spend, the lifestyle he has and if all the members of the household are willing.

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