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"I would have loved to receive the invoice for everything that I have not paid," the defense for our public health that has gone viral

Eva Buttom is pregnant with twins, and a few days ago she had to enter the Virgen de Valme University Hospital in Seville, due to the threat of premature birth. After five days hospitalized, the woman decided to publish a text on her Facebook account thanking the care received and reflecting on everything she would have had to pay for her admission , if public health did not exist in our country.

And although Eva is aware that public health is maintained thanks to the taxes that we all pay, she did not want to miss the opportunity to make a plea on her behalf, inviting us to defend her, support her and value her .

“A bed on the floor costs us more than 1,000 euros per night”

“I have been admitted for five days and upon discharge, I have only received a paper explaining the instructions I must follow for my treatment, my next appointment and the signature of my gynecologist. I would have loved to receive the invoice for everything as well. what I have not paid , the truth “.

“Because I think we are not aware of how lucky we are and of the need to fight so that this system is not taken away from us. A bed on the floor costs us more than 1000 euros per night”

“I have had at my disposal 24 hours during these days the orderlies who took me in bed to the delivery room and back. Nursing assistants and nurses who came to see me every three hours (take my temperature, blood pressure, follow my history, medications prescriptions, IV and IV changes, wound cures …) There was a button on my bed in case I needed to call them between visits (I had to do it a couple of times in the early morning and it didn’t take 2 minutes). work also includes reassuring us and making us feel cared for and accompanied “.

“Gynecologists who have been monitoring my ultrasounds (3 a day with the consequent material and machinery), obstetricians who worked with the gynecologists to compare visions and explore me inside (2 times a day)”.

“Midwives who controlled contractions on monitors in another room (another 3 times a day), who gave me advice and taught me to calm down.”

“Special food for twin mother, 4 times a day. Hot milk at night to help her sleep better. Intravenous medicines (4), serum (2) injections (3), pills (6 a day). Laboratory tests (3 analytical and 2 crops). Service of clean sheets, towels, pajamas every morning. Soap and sponges. Room service “.

“And of course, an operating room ready in case an emergency cesarean section was needed.”

“So yes. I have missed an invoice for everything that I have not paid during these days. They should give it to all of us so that the concentrations we could do for reasons like not losing little by little what we have … instead of waiting to footballers at the doors of the Tax Agency “.

The post has almost seven thousand comments, some of them negative and insulting towards Eva, such as:

– “This does not have a payroll and that is why it says that everything is free.”
– “Work, that’s what you have to do.”
– “They take money from me every month so that people like you come to take advantage of our health care.”
– “This aunt is another immigrant who comes to give birth to Spain.”
– “Go back to your country, pretty girl.”

Days later, due to the numerous comments he received, he decided to post an update on his Facebook profile as a conclusion:

And if you want to know more, here you can listen to her in an interview on Cadena Ser.

In defense of our public health

Eva is not the first person to publicly praise our healthcare system and the professionals that comprise it.

A few months ago we echoed the emotional letter that Pablo Iglesias published and that he dedicated to his premature twins, in which he recognized the work of all the professionals who were treating them, and the unconditional dedication they showed every day.

The words of Alberto Lizaralde, father of a girl with congenital heart disease, also went viral, who posted on Twitter a thread of thanks to the doctors who had saved his little girl’s life , despite the conditions in which they sometimes have to work. because of the cuts:

“The workers are the best but many times they have to double shifts in excess and give more hours and effort than they should. And that’s where they show themselves above the system itself and decide that if they should give more, they give it” – he published then .

There is no doubt that we have great professionals in our healthcare, and public hospitals that are a reference both in Spain and abroad. That is why it is important that we value and protect it together, making good use of health and thanking those who assist us when we need it.

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