LivingIdeas to sleep well and live better

Ideas to sleep well and live better

Lack of sleep is a growing concern for public health experts. And it is no wonder: according to INE data, there are almost three million people in Spain who claim to sleep less than six hours a day. Some people even brag about needing little sleep to perform the next day, but they may not realize that this lack of rest is associated with an increased risk of serious diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

The mattress is not everything

And, to get a good rest, the mattress is key, as it prevents back pain and other problems associated with poor posture at night, but there are more factors. The comforter, the type of bed and the temperature of the room also determine the quality of sleep. The pillow, for example, is one of those determining elements. This should be comfortable and ergonomic, like the KLUBBSPORRE pillow from IKEA, made with memory foam that also has a gel layer that provides a fresh and smooth surface, so you can sleep comfortably through the night.

With regard to the duvet or the duvet, although we do not usually give it much importance, it is another fundamental element. A non-perspiring bedspread, for example, can make us sweat and this will cause uncomfortable awakenings with soggy pajamas . Do you know lyocell? It is a renewable fiber, obtained from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees from sustainable plantations. It consumes less water than cotton manufacturing and is therefore more environmentally friendly. Lyocell is perfect for allergy sufferers as this material reduces the proliferation of bacteria. In addition, it eliminates humidity, and maintains a uniform temperature all night so that you can relax completely. At IKEA there is a good assortment of Nordic fillings made with this material.

Lighting and noise

In addition to the mattress and bedding, factors such as lighting and noise can also help us get a good night’s sleep. Regarding noise, it is important to have the bedroom well “dressed” with thick curtains, rugs … everything contributes to the sound not bouncing and the environment is perfect for sleeping. At IKEA they even have a specific product to absorb noise: absorption panels.

When it comes to lighting, there is a whole assortment of smart lighting at IKEA. These are led bulbs with dimmers and light tone, so it is not necessary to change the lamp but simply the bulb.

Ten tips to sleep like a dormouse

To finish, we leave you with this decalogue of recommendations that has been prepared by the experts of the Spanish Sleep Society.

  1. Avoid using light-emitting electronic devices at least two hours before your usual bedtime.
  2. Sleep in the dark, do not leave the light or the television on. If you can’t avoid light pollution from the street, wear an eye mask.
  3. Make sure there is silence. You can choose the most isolated room in the house. And if necessary, soundproof it with an acoustic insulator.
  4. Keep the room temperature between 18ºC and 21ºC.
  5. Choose a medium firm mattress, and try it before you buy it: lie on it for a few minutes. If you’re going to sleep with someone, try it out together.
  6. Avoid very high pillows and keep the room clean and as neat as possible.
  7. Do not have accessories in the room that are not related to sleep, such as televisions, computers, radio, mobile phones …
  8. Use the bedroom only for sleeping and having sex. The work area should be in another room, if possible.
  9. Turn off your mobile or leave it out of the room overnight.
  10. Paint the bedroom in pastel tones (blue, green, yellow, lilac) or in neutral tones, not intense or exciting.

And happy dreams!

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