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If my parrot talks and starts swearing, what should I do?

Having a bird or any animal is a great responsibility. We are not just talking about their food or hygiene, we are referring to the fact that each type of bird has specific care and characteristics. In this sense, more and more households are encouraged to have a parrot among their family members. It is an extremely intelligent, funny, curious and funny bird.

The first thing we have to understand is that parrots , as such, do not speak but, characteristically to their breed, they manage to imitate sounds that are curious or pleasant to them and repeat them as closely as possible thanks to their vocal mechanisms.

This can be hilarious since it can learn calls, names and other very curious phrases but… did you know that your parrot can also learn insults? Yes, even if we don’t want to, we have to be careful what we say in front of the bird as it can catch its attention , adopt that sound as its own and repeat it endlessly. Imagine that the swearing word is repeated to everyone who comes to your house, imagine that they repeat it in front of children or strangers who have to come to your house momentarily. It wouldn’t be a pleasant situation, would it?

In this sense, we emphasize that responsibility of, first of all, being aware of what is said in front of the animal since it can take any word as its own sound. So, in the first instance, we have to try to prevent him from learning to insult. This is simply done by avoiding swear words that he can hear. This, in a certain way, will also have an impact on your own benefit since we will avoid using them frequently by improving our way of speaking.

In the first instance we must avoid, if possible, that the parrot learns the sounds of insults

Sometimes it is inevitable that the animal learns those bad words. What should we do? Well, the first thing is that you must see that word as something “negative”, that is, we must understand that the parrot certainly does not know what it is saying, it simply repeats a sound. So, when he says it, it would be positive to whistle him or tell him loudly “no” to do it. In this way, he will see that sound as something negative, although, perhaps, if he sees that you have a reaction to that word, he will try to say it even more to please you. We stress the idea that he is not at fault since he does not know exactly what he is saying.

It must be explained that parrots are quite stubborn birds , so it is difficult for them to leave a sound once they have learned it but, perhaps, the best way is to try to replace that word or sound with another pleasant one that is curious. For this, you must hear us say it a lot, frequently, so that little by little you put the other word aside. But, we insist, parrots are very stubborn birds and it depends on the personality of the animal so it will cost more or less.

So be very patient if your bird has learned to say some kind of insult and, if possible, try to avoid it beforehand. They are very intelligent and funny birds and we must understand that everything they hear can be repeated by them.

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