FunNature & AnimalIn this zoo, humans are the ones in cages

In this zoo, humans are the ones in cages

The Glen Garriff Conservation Sanctuary is located in the Harrismith area of the Free State Province of South Africa. With almost 1000 hectares in size, it offers visitors the opportunity to rest and relax in close proximity to the surrounding tourist and historical sites.

This lion sanctuary has had the idea of devising a way to get to know the big cats up close without running any kind of risk: placing visitors in a cage. Visitors stay inside a cage, commonly used by wildlife photographers, to view stunning African lions in a safe and fascinating way . The cage used in the sanctuary was donated by a professional German photographer who visits this sanctuary regularly.

According to the lion sanctuary staff, this human cage is regularly checked by an engineer to make sure it can safely support weight in case a lion jumps on top of it.

“As a non-profit sanctuary that relies solely on donations, the human cage fees offer us a small income that directly helps us feed and protect the lions in our care,” explains the photographer and director of the company without for profit, Suzanne Scott.

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