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Investigations into the storm on the Capitol: Trump confidants go to court

What exactly happened in the US on January 6th? A committee is supposed to investigate the storm on the Capitol, but confidants of Donald Trump stand across.

Washington DC – In the process of coming to terms with the storm on the US Capitol, more and more confidants of Donald Trump are opposing themselves. While the responsible committee ordered access to relevant documents and summoned witnesses, they are now taking action in court, as reported by the portal. These include senior officials from the Trump era.

Michael Flynn will be remembered by some from the early days of Donald Trump’s presidency. Flynn acted as National Security Advisor for about a month before resigning because of illicit contacts with the Russian government. Now the former general is involved in another Trump administration scandal, which, however, took place at the end of the presidency.

Storm on the US Capitol: Trump confidants have discussed election fraud

Accordingly, Flynn attended a meeting in the White House on December 18. Thereby possibilities were discussed to overturn the presidential election in the USA after that of Joe Biden. The committee to investigate the storm on the Capitol has summoned several Trump confidants, including Flynn. Telephone recordings were also requested from him.

Actually, Michael Flynn should have appeared before the investigative committee on Monday (December 20th, 2021) – but he didn’t. Instead, one day later he filed a lawsuit in the USA against the committee and all nine members. According to the short-lived security advisor, the claims are a “violation of his constitutional rights and the laws of the United States,” as reported.

Surname Michael Thomas Flynn
birth date December 24, 1958
place of birth Middletown, USA
Former office National Security Advisor

Storm on the Capitol: Committee in the US investigates the squad around Donald Trump

In addition to Michael Flynn, other confidants of Donald Trump are being investigated in relation to the January 6th events. The former White House chief of staff took the committee to court after he had ended his cooperation with the investigators. In addition, the US MP Jim Jordan was summoned by the committee, as reported by the portal Jordan is said to have had “at least one or possibly more talks with President Trump on January 6th,” said the subpoena.

Just recently there was further insight into the planning of the events on January 6th: Chat messages provide information about Donald Trump’s role in the storming of the Capitol. (vbu)

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