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Is it good to sleep next to our pet? We tell you

Pets have become a member of the family . For grandparents, one more grandchild, for parents, a son, and for children, a brother. We share everything with them : vacations, birthdays, joys, sorrows and, also, rest. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people share a mattress with their furry. According to data from the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention , 56% of people who have a dog or cat allow it to sleep in the room and 50% to do so in the same bed . But, is it good to co-sleep with our pet? We tell you the pros and cons.


1. Helps to rest better. According to a study by Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine of the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale (Arizona, United States), the feeling of security and comfort that sleeping next to them causes, makes us rest better than when they do it in another room . The great protection instinct that furry dogs have, especially dogs, makes us feel safer when we close our eyes and know that they are by our side.

2. Goodbye stress . Having a furry next door increases love hormones, oxytocin, and reduces the level of cortisol, the hormone that causes stress. It can be said that sharing rest with our pets helps us feel more relaxed.

3. Sleeping is a very intimate moment and we don’t do it with just anyone. Therefore, if our dog or cat is willing to sleep with us and vice versa, it is synonymous with good relationship and connectivity. Also, spending so many hours with them will make the bonds even closer.

4. They provide heat. Furry animals have a higher body temperature than ours (37ºC / 38ºC for cats and 39ºC for dogs). This will help the colder nights to be less so with them next to you; and also to appease the cold we feel when we feel alone.


1. Depending on where our pet decides to sleep, it may be negative for our rest. Sleeping between the sheets is not the same as at the foot of the bed. In the first case, when the furry moves we will notice it more and this will make us wake up and interrupt our sleep.

2. Like humans, dogs and cats also dream, snore and move while they sleep. A study from the CQ University (Rockhampton, Australia), showed that the sounds produced by animals while they sleep can be detrimental to rest.

3. All those people who have respiratory problems or allergies and decide to share a mattress with their pets, should bear in mind that the symptoms can be accentuated and worsen. Sleeping next to them means spending several hours very close to their fur, whose contact can be a source of allergies. Changing the sheets and brushing them more frequently can help fix this handicap.

4. Our sleep cycles are not the same as those of pets , so they can get up in the middle of the night and wake us up so that we can play with them, open the door or feed them. So if we decide to sleep with them, we will have to abide by these consequences.

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