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Is it okay to put a bell on the cat's neck?

Although, obviously, a cat does not choose to wear a bell as a complement on its neck, this sound element is still a simple ball that gives us information about where our animal is and, for example, the speed at which it is moving.

The Spanish saying “put the bell on the cat” refers to the moment in which a group of people must face a difficult task that can unravel dangerous consequences, but it is necessary to decide who and how will solve the situation, something to which no one wants to voluntarily confront. It seems to have its birth in a tale invented in the fourteenth century, a story that went like this:

“The mures (mice) one day came to the council and agreed how they could get rid of the cat. Et said the one who was saner than the others: let’s tie a shearing (bell) to the neck of the cat and we can have very guard against the cat; that when he passes from one end to another, we will always hear the shearing. This advice pleased everyone, but one said: True it is; but who will tie the shearing to the neck of the cat? Et answered one: Not me. The other replied: Not me; that not even for the whole world I would not want to reach him … “

In short, some mice want to come out of their hiding place to go for food but there is always a cat prowling to catch them. One of them proposes to put a bell to the feline to hear him arrive but none of them wants to do it out of fear.

Later, the fabulist Félix María de Samaniego (1745-1801) published the story that dealt with how to put the bell to the cat, a story that in turn came from Conseul tenu par les rats whose author was La Fontaine.

Samaniego faced the fable in the following way:

“Roequeso eloquently proposed to give it a bell, and in this way the noise would escape death. The project was approved one by one. Who will execute it? That, none.” I am short-sighted. “” I am very old. ” . “I gouty”, they said. The council ended like many in the world … “

One of the great playwrights of the Spanish Golden Age, Félix Lope de Vega, also wrote about this fable in the comedy La Esclava de su galán , written by Pedro:

“The mice got together, to get rid of the cat, and after a long time of disputes and opinions, they said that they would succeed in putting a bell on it; that, with the cat walking with it, they could better get rid of it. A barbican mouse came out, long-tailed, hociquirromo, and curling his thick back, he said to the Roman Senate, after speaking cultured for a while: “Who among all of them has to be the one who dares to put that bell on the cat?” “

It is more than likely that the first contact of the feline with that small and original noisy object is not very positive …

Our pussycat is an animal that lives, that enjoys a placid existence, without frights and a simple but repetitive noise, no matter how happy it may be, it will not fit in its lifestyle.

As we have been able to intuit, the use of such a simple device dates back several centuries. The men who used cats to defend their food reserves (especially cereals) wanted to know where their attentive workers were wandering, and they came up with the magnificent idea of using a contraption that sounded as the animal passed. Simple, cheap and effective.

Since those days, the rattlesnake has gone from being an animal tracking system, the rudimentary father of GPS, to being an aesthetic accessory for feline necks.

Nowadays it can be useful in some moments, such as when the owner is blind and needs something to warn him where his animal is. But in the rest of the cases it is better not to put the bell on our cat.

Not a miracle not a nightmare

By this title we mean that popular opinion has labeled the act of putting a bell on an animal as terrible mistreatment. It is said to drive them crazy, causing drastic changes in their behavior. It’s not really that extreme.

The bell is not, in any type of situation, necessary for the well-being of the cat but, if it has been used to wearing it since childhood, it will not cause any pathology or behavioral alteration in it.

However, if he is an adult, restless and you put a bell on him all of a sudden, he may not take it well and the animal will let you know in some way.

If we have a feline at home and we want to know where he is, don’t worry, he will appear when he wants to be with you.

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