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Jak and Daxter return in a big way: Jak II, Jak III and Jak: X Combat Racing hit PS4 next week

Last April Sony announced that the four classic installments of ‘Jak & Daxter’ would arrive on PS4 this year, although we had to wait until the last weeks of December to confirm their launch: ‘Jak II’, ‘Jak III’ and ‘Jak: X Combat Racing’ will be available starting next Wednesday both separately and through a compilation pack.

Three titles that join a ‘Jak & Daxter: The Legacy of the Precursors’ available since last summer (and that served as an extra incentive for those who pre-ordered ‘Uncharted: the Lost Legacy’) and that will add a series of additions such as graphics adapted to 1080p (4K on PS Pro), Share Play, remote play or the inclusion of trophies.

It is interesting to remember that the original trilogy was also released (and remastered) for PS3 and PS Vita in a single pack. Of course, the return of the driving proposal ‘Jak: X Combat Racing’, a title that until now was only available on PS2, is presented as the great claim to meet with this couple of heroes.

In addition, coinciding with the launch of the games and the ‘Jak & Daxter: Bundle’, a new nostalgia-laden theme inspired by Sony’s 128-bit console interface has been announced.

Both the theme and the games and the pack will be available on PS4 from December 6 in digital through the PSN Store, although – for now – the price of these has not been offered. As a reference ‘Jak & Daxter: The Legacy of the Precursors’ went on sale for 14.99 euros (currently it is reduced to half price for PS Plus subscribers) with which it is possible that the rest of the games will continue in the same line. Jak is back!

| Jak & Daxter will debut this year on PS4 with four classic proposals, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be available on August 23 and pre-orders include the original Jak & Daxter

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