NewsJames Franco talks about past sex addiction and wrongdoing

James Franco talks about past sex addiction and wrongdoing

Honest confession: Hollywood actor James Franco admits in a radio interview that he has made many mistakes in the past.

Los Angeles – Actor and director James Franco (43) spoke openly about sex addiction and misconduct towards women in a radio interview.

The broadcaster SiriusXM published excerpts from the conversation, which should be broadcast in full today. In it, the Hollywood star commented on the allegations made by several women who accused him of sexual harassment in a newspaper interview four years ago.

He has since worked on himself and has changed, said Franco. At the age of 17 he got a previous alcohol addiction under control, but after that he was addicted to fame and sex. The actor admitted that he constantly cheated on women and hurt many people. It was wrong to have sex with female students in his now closed drama school.

Two former drama students sued Franco in 2019 for, among other things, discrimination, sexual assault and intimidation. According to “”, he is said to have paid millions in compensation to the women this year.

Franco has appeared in films such as “Milk”, “Spider-Man”, “The Interview” and “The Disaster Artist”. His role in the survival film “127 Hours” earned him an Oscar nomination for best leading actor in 2011. dpa

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