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Jean-Claude Van Damme hits again thanks to Netflix

Netflix seems to have entered into a dynamic of resurrecting the old stars of the 90s. If a few weeks ago it announced a movie with Lindsay Lohan, now it is the ex-universal soldier and enemy of the mercenaries, Jean-Claude Van Damme who has a new collaboration with the streaming company. The new trailer for The Last Mercenary returns Brussels muscles to the cinema since its appearance in The Law of the Street, a 2019 film. This premiere coincided with the event of Netflix’s Geeked Week , a virtual space for fans of five days of duration and that serves to cover all the advances, news and latest trailer of the most anticipated films.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is an actor who already emerged in the late 80s and mainly in the 90s with multiple action films. Being a fight choreographer and an avid martial artist with a long list of titles but that began to fade from the 2000s onwards due to the lack of projects and titles released directly in the domestic market. However, at that time Netflix did not exist and as a good channel that wants to welcome all kinds of audiences, it also needs Van Damme fans to sign up for its monthly subscription.

The same old hits with a new record

Yes, The Last Mercenary is an action movie but it introduces the Belgian actor into something unfamiliar to him, light comedy. Van Damme himself acknowledged it in a statement during production: “The Last Mercenary is an incredibly exciting project and allows me to take on a new genre” (…) I have always been a fan of Jea-Paul Belmondo and I hope to assume the torch of action comedy my way ”.

The plot centers on Richard Brumère, a mercenary and former French secret service agent. Brumère will have to unite a group of young people to defend his son Archibald from a dangerous mafia gang, while he begins to know his son for real, cementing their relationship from scratch. The Last Mercenary will premiere on July 30 exclusively on Netflix.

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