EntertainmentMovies & TV"Jupiter's Legacy": What about the second season?

"Jupiter's Legacy": What about the second season?

“The second installment depends on the audience. We do not want to be arrogant, “said Mark Millar, the creator of this audiovisual proposal about superheroes that is now available on Netflix.

Mark Millar’s superhero universe has already landed on Netflix. The full first season of Jupiter’s Legacy is now available , the long-awaited new series that has the challenge of living up to the great expectations generated.

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Although it is intuited that it could become one of the successes of the platform … have you already assured the renewal for a second season?

Initially, Millar hinted, in an interview for Herald Scotland, that the series was renewed, but the truth is that, for now, Netflix has not yet announced anything officially. What’s more, in other statements, this time for Deadline, the author himself has pointed out that everything depends on the reception of the public.

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“The second season depends on the audience. We do not want to be arrogant. Everything I’ve seen makes me optimistic. We feel that we are on the right track. Despite the Covid, I was present at the montage almost every day and I have never tired of seeing it. So I think people will like it as much as we do, ”he declared.

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As has happened with other series such as The Bridgertons or The Warrior Nun , we will have to wait a few weeks to know the decision of the platform, which will handle and evaluate whether its target audience has connected with fiction.

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In any case, the original material lasts for many more seasons and, as viewers who have already devoured the first eight chapters will know, there are many unfinished plots and open fronts that Utupian, Lady Liberty and company have. Thus, it is to be expected that the first season leads to a continuation and most of the superheroes would return for the next batch, except for those who fell in the initial installment.

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In the unlikely event that Jupiter’s Legacy was canceled and did not have a second season, it would be a serious blow to the bet on the Millar universe and the agreement that Netflix has closed with the creator for the development of projects based on his work.

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Through the Millarworld firm, other titles are being prepared for the streaming service such as The Magic Order , Reborn , American Jesus or Super Crooks.

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