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'Kings of the night', the war of the airwaves arrives at Movistar + on May 14

This Friday, May 14, Movistar + premieres the Reyes de la noche series defined by the streaming network itself as “its new original comedy with a dose of drama.” An exciting fiction inspired by the golden age of sports radio in the late 80s and early 90s, as many remember, at that time two star journalists of sports radio lived a historic rivalry: José Ramón de la Morena and José Maria Garcia. The series, created by Cristóbal Garrido, has been inspired by this wave warfare that kept all of Spain pending the transistor at a time when the power of radio was immense. Kings of the night The war of the waves of the series Kings of the night Actor Javier Gutiérrez plays Paco ‘El Cóndor’, a sports journalist who at that time is an absolute leader. A born communicator who can get a coach to resign just by trying. Jota Montes, the role played by actor Miki Esparbé, works in Paco’s program ‘El Cóndor’ and is his favorite disciple, but Jota Montes does not agree with his unprofessional practices. He is a young journalist, with a different ethic and is much more prepared. The war of the airwaves is served: Two great communicators who face each other for a single throne A different era The Reyes de la Noche series plunges us into a different era in which a sports program that was broadcast at 11 at night was the king of the audience. All the men in the country turned on their transistor at that time to listen to the sports journalists.In addition, he tells us how the journalist Marga Laforet, played by the actress Itsaso Arana, although she is a prepared and intelligent professional, has to survive in a world of men, whiskey and smoke.Marga has to put up with being relegated to a nightly calling program in which most of those who participate call to tell her atrocities or have mental problems, in addition to the protagonists of Reyes de la Noche Javier Gutiérrez, Miki Esparbé and Itsaso Arana, The cast is completed with the actors Alberto San Juan, Chiqui Fernández, Sonia Almarcha, Cristóbal Suárez, Óscar de la Fuente, Carlos Blanco, Víctor de la Fuente, Gerald B. Fillmore, Celia de Molina, Fele Martínez and Omar Banana, among others The Kings of the Night is not a series about football but about an era, about a fight between two great communicators and especially about one of the best-known episodes in the history of radio in our country. One of the big bets of Movistar + for this year that premieres 2 episodes this Friday.

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