FunAstrologyKristen Stewart: Playing Diana made me taller

Kristen Stewart: Playing Diana made me taller

US actress Kristen Stewart played Princess Diana in the British film “Spencer”. Playing that role made her bigger, said the 31-year-old.

London – Actress Kristen Stewart has expressed a great fascination for the Princess of Wales in a new film after starring as Princess Diana.

“Playing them made me taller,” Stewart said in a BBC interview published on Friday. Although she played very sad scenes that must have been very difficult in reality, she felt “incredible”, said the 31-year-old US actress (“Twilight”).

She praised Diana, who died in 1997, as a special personality whose way of communicating and connecting with people has fascinated many. “We just can’t stop telling stories about them,” said Stewart.

The film “Spencer” by director Pablo Larrain (“Jackie”), which opens in British cinemas in November, tells the story of Diana and Prince Charles around Christmas in 1991 – a crucial time in their failed marriage. dpa

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