NewsLaboratory monkeys pile up after car crash

Laboratory monkeys pile up after car crash

A truck with around 100 monkeys crashed in the US state of Pennsylvania. Some of the animals take the opportunity to escape. Most have since been recaptured, but not all.

Danville – Police in the US state of Pennsylvania have been searching for several monkeys after a car accident. A truck loaded with around a hundred monkeys was involved in the accident near the town of Danville on Friday.

“A few monkeys may have fled from the scene of the accident to the surrounding area,” the police said. Another monkey was missing on Saturday. According to media reports, the monkeys are laboratory monkeys.

Autounfall mit Laboraffen


The animals were transported in these boxes. A truck loaded with around a hundred monkeys was involved in the accident near the town of Danville.

It was unclear whether monkeys were injured in the accident. “The only way to ensure pathogens are not transmitted from monkeys to humans is to stop importing, confining and experimenting on these animals,” Peta said. “We ask that no one attempts to search for or capture the animal,” police warned. Anyone who sees the monkey should call the police. dpa

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