NewsMelania Trump: Ex-First Lady in Geldnot?

Melania Trump: Ex-First Lady in Geldnot?

The wife of ex-President Donald Trump is again offering NFT for auction on her website – the starting price is 250,000 US dollars.

Palm Beach – The former First Lady of the USA, Melania Trump, discovered the business model of crypto trading for herself in December 2021: The previous model is likely to make a significant profit from the sale of so-called non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

NFTs are non-replaceable, digitally protected objects based on blockchain technology. Last month, Melania Trump sold the digital work by French artist Marc-Antoine Coulon. It was a “breathtaking” watercolor that “Mrs. Embodies Trump’s cobalt blue eyes and offers the collector an amulet for inspiration ”.

Crypto Trading: Melania Trump Sells New NFT

The NFT that is now on sale contains a physical object: a wide-brimmed white hat by the American-French designer Hervé Pierre, “worn and signed by Melania Trump.” The description goes on to say that Donald Trump’s third wife had it on the occasion of the state visit commissioned and carried by French President Emmanuel Macron.

A statement from the 51-year-old said she used the Solana blockchain protocol for crypto trading. Trump wants to accept payments by credit cards and SOL cryptocurrency. The hat and NFT starting price this time around is $ 250,000. The auction runs until January 25th.

Surname Melania Trump
job Former Model, former first lady, businesswoman
old 51 years (April 26, 1970)
husband Donald Trump
place of birth Novo mesto, Slovenia

Trump’s NFT in Crypto Trading: Donations or Personal Profit?

The businesswoman’s homepage reads that “part of the proceeds from the auction” will be used to provide foster children with access to computer technology and technological education. On the Internet, reactions to Trump’s offers were divided. Some expressed doubts as to whether the proceeds would actually be used to donate a significant amount to the charity, or whether it might simply be in dire straits.

The skepticism is not unfounded: Within the Trump family, personal profits have been made several times from fundraising campaigns. Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump, for example, embezzled funds from a foundation for children with cancer and claimed $ 1.2 million for himself. That comes from a report in Forbes magazine.

Donald Trump’s own charity was also caught not having forwarded donations to the named recipients. As a result, the Trump Foundation was ordered to pay $ 2 million to charity by order of a judge and was also closed. While Melania Trump is looking for a way back into the public at least for financial reasons, Donald Trump is withdrawing – at least temporarily – from it. Donald Trump canceled a press conference announced at short notice. (n / A)

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