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New trailer for "The Green Knight": Dev Patel's epic journey

The A24 production company takes a completely different look at the great majors of the industry. They have their own stamp, a clear commitment to the most promising filmmakers. His latest major project is The Green Knight, which is directed by acclaimed director David Lowery, and has a surprising new trailer. Lowery has already won the hearts of all independent film lovers with In a Lawless Place and with the atypical A ghost story, but this latest production seems to be, at least at the level of its history, his largest production to date. Dev Patel plays King Arthur’s nephew in this story inspired by the legend of the knight Sir Gawain and how he must set out on a journey for his honor. The cast of The Green Knight is completed by Ralph Ineson as the Green Knight, Alicia Vikander, Sean Harris, Erin Kellyman, Barry Keoghan, Kate Dickie. The man-worthy creature that Patel has to face appears in this trailer as a menacing warrior who grabs his own head to flee from punishment, but not before challenging the young knight. This is another of those productions delayed by the pandemic , since it was scheduled to premiere in May 2020, but A24 withdrew it from its calendar due, among other things, to the fact that although it is still a work with a certain touch of author, its budget seems to be nowhere near the 100,000 dollars that A cost ghost story, this Arthurian story being Lowery’s largest project. The film does not yet have a release date in Spain, so it will be necessary to see how it develops in the awards season to see if it gets distribution, a fact that should not be a cause for concern since its cast has enough familiar faces.A Plot Rated R These fantasy stories do not usually have a particularly adult tone, yet The Green Knight has earned an R rating (+18 years in America) for violence, sex, and graphic nudity. A reason that has fueled even more the fans of this story that promises not to be a conventional tale: Sir Gawain must finally confront the green knight, but not before making a journey to prove his worth among various enemies: ghosts, thieves, giants and thieves . Everything to be the heir that his throne, family and kingdom deserve.

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