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New trailer for "The Street of Terror", the first part of the Netflix trilogy

Netflix has released the trailer The Street of Terror-Part 1: 1994 , the first film of the trilogy that will be released in the same year and that starts from the terrifying literature of RL Steine. Children of the 90s may recognize the author’s name from the credits of the series Nightmares . The previous trailers we were able to see were joint previews of the entire trilogy that featured the different eras of Shadyside and its curse. Now the new trailer for the street of terror focuses only on the first part, which opens this Friday.

Stine has always been characterized by having a somewhat more childish view of the horror genre, but the author himself confirmed a few months ago that the books on which these stories are based are aimed at a more mature audience. Data that can be represented by the R rating of all the films in the trilogy. The plot of the terrifying beginning tells of a serial killer who was possessed by a witch who lives in the city. The Street of Terror will premiere the next three Friday nights, exploring all the terrors that Shadyside will host . Although surely, it is the third installment (the oldest chronologically speaking) that takes place in 1666, which possibly explains the origin of all this terrifying lack of control.

Some actors appear in the three films playing different roles, with the narrative idea of maintaining a sense of timeless curse on the population. The cast of the first part includes Gillian Jacobs, Olivia WELCH, Benjamin Flores Jr ,. Fred Hechinger, Kiana Madeira, Ashley Zukerman, Maya Hawke, and Darrell Britt-Gibson. The corresponding premieres on the platform will be the following : The Street of Terror-Part 1: 1994 , on July 2, Part 2: 1978 on July 9 and Part 3: 1666 on July 16.

Multiple references to the “Slasher” genre

Apart from the fact that the protagonists are young people who flee and try to survive a murderer in a small town, we find references to the subgenre of adolescent terror par excellence. As can be seen from the phone call or the outfit worn by the killer in this story. Scares will be assured every Friday night, and surely many friends will change their plans to meet these three Fridays and enjoy the best way that these types of movies are enjoyed, in a dark room, with soft drinks and lots of popcorn.

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