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Nía, the premature baby born at 32 weeks who overcame the coronavirus

Nía was born on March 11 earlier than expected, with just 32 weeks of gestation and 1.8 kilos of weight . It came to the world at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (Barcelona) a few days before the State of Alarm for the coronavirus was decreed in Spain, and no one imagined the battle it would have to fight being so small. It is possible that it is the first premature baby with Covid in Spain .

His mother Jennifer, mother of two other children, broke her bag at 30 weeks’ gestation and was admitted to the hospital for two weeks. 24 hours after discharge, he had to be readmitted due to a hemorrhage, and on the 11th they performed a cesarean section.

The mother was the first to become infected and had to be isolated days after delivery in serious condition. He says he was going to change the baby’s diaper, but he couldn’t, he collapsed. “I could not stand up,” he explained in an interview with Telecinco. Milk was expressed every morning with a 40 degree fever to feed the girl.

A week after birth, the little girl also tested positive for Covid , so she was isolated in an incubator in another room for two weeks with her father, who had to monitor his daughter’s symptoms at all times so that the nurses could enter it. less possible.

Days later, his father Jonathan also showed symptoms of the disease.

Both recovered, almost two months later the baby was discharged and finally mother and daughter were able to meet again.

A very difficult arrival in the world, but fortunately with a happy ending. The girl is growing and gaining weight with the support of her entire family.

Via | Telecinco

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