FunNorway: Discover 6 curiosities of the Norwegian country

Norway: Discover 6 curiosities of the Norwegian country

Norway is one of those countries that we all have in a kind of ideal about its quality of life, its paradisiacal landscapes that have allowed the filming of series and movies and, of course, weather conditions that only the most daring would be willing to face. . But you don’t know everything, what is it like to live in Norway ?

Well, especially when the harsh local winter arrives, short days and sub-zero temperatures make an appearance.

In any case, we are facing a nation with many other details that we do not know and, based on this, in this article we want to review some curiosities of Norway that you should know.

Norwegian word

First, the word “Norway” is not accidental, but rather means “way from the north”, which is the name given to it in German by some of the civilizations that came from the south.


What is it like to live in Norway? The paradisiacal landscapes of the country are unique. It is one of the few countries in the world that has attractions such as its famous fjords and northern lights, as well as lakes, mountains, glaciers and even the sun still visible at midnight.


If we talk about economics, Norway used to be one of the poorest countries in Europe until a little more than a century ago, but the exploitation of oil, natural gas and shellfish, among others, together with a system that really works, has placed it among those with the best GDP in the continent.

Country gastronomy

Norwegian cuisine could not help but be quite special, and in addition to salmon, which they claim to have the best in the world, they feed on other marine animals and oceans, including the whale.

Pet curiosities

Norwegian pets cannot be neutered, a rather curious law that does not make sense in other parts of the world, where cats and dogs proliferate, but there, where they are highly controlled.

The highest wages

In turn, although most Norwegian wages are high, Norwegian beer and gasoline are among the most expensive on the planet, and are truly a luxury for its inhabitants.

Safe country

Norway is famous for its safety, which ranks it as one of the most prominent countries in this regard, and it is enough to take a walk through its streets to appreciate the tranquility that reigns there.


Norwegian sports have a lot to do with winter, to the point that the word “ski” comes from “piece of wood” in that language. But there are also other disciplines that are practiced only in this part of the world, such as Drunk Football or soccer for drunks.

Hurtigruten ship ran aground in Norway

A moment of shock at dawn: in a strong wind, a Hurtigruten ship touched the seabed near a port. Nobody was hurt.

Ex-Turbonegro singer Hank Von Helvete has died

From 1993 to 2009 Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby sang in the Norwegian punk'n'roll band Turbonegro. Now he has died at the age of 49.

Knife attacker shot dead by police in Oslo

A man threatens people with a knife in the Norwegian capital. The police shot him in the street. Investigators do not assume an act of terrorism.

Dead after bow and arrow attacks in Norway

Ten years after the Breivik attacks, people are attacked in a small Norwegian town. According to the police, several of them are dead. The alleged perpetrator can be caught.

Man shoots a bow and arrow at people

In a small Norwegian town, people are attacked in the evening. According to the police, several of them are dead. The most important thing after this terrible news: the perpetrator has been caught.