LivingOne in five Spaniards suffers from insomnia

One in five Spaniards suffers from insomnia

sonambulos The Spanish researcher Teresa Sagalés, from the Vall d? Hebron University Hospital (Barcelona), and Maurice M. Ohayon, from the Stanford School of Medicine (USA), have studied the prevalence of insomnia in the Spanish population through a survey to 4,648 subjects over 15 years of age. The results show that one in five people in Spain suffers from this sleep disturbance .

17.6% of the subjects indicated sleep interruptions as the main cause of their insomnia, especially those over 65 years of age (40%). 3.7% have difficulty falling asleep and 4.3% have early awakenings with difficulty falling asleep. In both cases, the prevalence is higher in women.

Difficulty falling asleep increases with age and reaches 10% in people over 55 years of age. Overall, the diagnosis of insomnia was established in 6.4%, with differences in sex (7.8% in women and 4.9% in men) and age (3.3% in the youngest and 9 , 8% in those over 65 years), as revealed by the authors in the journal Sleep Medicine .


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