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Prague in spring

Travel to Prague in spring, and you’ll witness the city shaking off its last dusting of snow, watch flower boxes begin to fill with the first blooms, enjoy Easter and other spring celebrations, and feel the anticipation of downtown. preparing for the heaviest crowds in the fast approaching summer. Spring trips to Prague offer many advantages over summer trips, but you should be prepared for the vagaries of the weather, keep an eye out for annual events, and know what limitations you might face if you travel very early in the spring.


Average spring weather for Prague ranges from the upper 30s to the lower 60s. If you travel in early March, you may even see some snow; On the other hand, if you travel in late May, the weather will feel like summer on some days.

What to pack

No matter which side of spring you travel, pack versatile clothing that you can wear for colder days or cold nights. And for spring showers, bring an umbrella so you don’t get soaked while sightseeing.

You probably don’t need winter boots for Prague in March, April or May. However, as always, wear shoes that are easy to wear, have a good footprint, and cover your feet completely. While you won’t be walking through snow, you will find puddles and slippery cobblestones. Warm socks that cushion your feet and wick away moisture are also a good investment.


The main spring events attract visitors to Prague annually. Those events include Bohemian Carneval, the Prague Easter markets, and the Prague Spring Music Festival.

Easter in Prague is an event that involves locals and travelers alike. Organizers decorate the city for this important holiday and vendors at Easter markets sell souvenirs such as Czech Easter eggs.

Also look for the annual Halloween on April 30, the Prague Czech Beer Festival, and the Prague Church Night.

What to do in spring

While you can’t enjoy every one of the 50 things to do in Prague in spring, many are possible. Although colder days can make sightseeing less enjoyable, you can always enter a museum to warm your feet and hands and enjoy the culture. Alternatively, find a cozy corner of a coffee shop and enjoy a hot drink with a bowl of soup or a delicious layered dessert. On warm days, a walk through the historic district or a tour of Prague Castle should be on the menu.

If you choose to take a day trip from Prague, be sure to check the hours of operation of castles or museums before your trip. Some attractions outside of Prague are open on a limited basis during off-peak hours. This advice is more true for traveling in early spring than in late spring; At the end of April and beginning of May there is an increase in visitors and the improvement of the weather makes these places more popular.

Hotels for spring trips to Prague

While it’s always important to plan ahead for any trip abroad, finding and booking a hotel months in advance isn’t as necessary in spring as it is in summer. Spring hotel prices will increase as summer approaches, so if you’re budget conscious, try a trip to Prague in March and avoid booking in the heart of the Old Town. Try Mala Strana or the Castle District for reasonably priced hotel rooms yet within walking distance of major attractions, restaurants, and shops.

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