LivingPretty coincidences: two nurses who are identical twins deliver...

Pretty coincidences: two nurses who are identical twins deliver identical twins

It is said that there is a very peculiar connection between twins or twins, and in Babies and More we have shared very curious stories and cases that have served as evidence to prove it, such as some cases of twins who became mothers or fathers on the same day as their brothers.

But today’s story is a curious and beautiful coincidence, because a pair of nurses who are identical twins attended a birth together for the first time, but not just any birth, but one of another pair of identical twins!

Identical twins Tori Howard and Tara Drinkard work as nurses at a medical center in Georgia, USA. Despite working in the same place for years, they had never coincided in a delivery , as Tori is a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and Tara was recently transferred from the emergency room to the delivery area.

In the case of premature deliveries of babies that need to be brought to the NICU, as is often the case in multiple pregnancies, a nurse from both units is regularly present: one from the delivery unit and the other from the NICU. In this case, both sisters were called to attend the delivery as one of each unit needed a nurse .

But in addition to being the first time they would be together in a birth, the coincidence did not end there: the birth they would attend would be nothing more and nothing less than that of another pair of identical twins like them .

Because they were focused on their work to attend the delivery, they had not initially realized this beautiful coincidence, but after the birth of both babies, both the nurses and the parents realized it and decided to capture the moment .

The babies’ parents, whose names were Addison and Emma, decided to stay in touch with the nurses, asking for advice to help them raise their daughters in a close relationship like Tori and Tara have.

Both babies were born healthy, and after spending a few days in the hospital they are at home with their parents. Undoubtedly this birth of identical twins, received by two nurses who are also identical nurses, is a beautiful coincidence , which will be a precious anecdote for the babies when they are older.

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