NewsPrince Andrew denies allegations and allegedly operates victim blaming

Prince Andrew denies allegations and allegedly operates victim blaming

Prince Andrew has to face abuse allegations in a trial in the United States. Now he calls the alleged victim guilty himself.

New York / London – The Queen’s second eldest son, Prince Andrew, has to answer to a court in the United States on suspicion of abuse. Plaintiff Virginia Giuffre accuses the British prince of repeatedly abusing her when she was a minor. She claims to have been a victim of an abuse ring set up by US multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. She is said to have been mediated to Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew rejects allegations: Alleged victim is guilty himself

Prince Andrew has reportedly been friends with Ghislaine Maxwell for years. Epstein took his own life while in custody in 2019. His ex-girlfriend is accused of helping to set up the abuse ring. She was recently found guilty of multiple counts in a US criminal case and faces a long prison sentence.

Ein undatiertes Foto von Prinz Andrew und dem mutmaßlichen Opfer. Im Hintergrund ist Ghislaine Maxwell zu sehen: Sie wurde vor kurzem von einem Gericht in einem US-Strafverfahren in mehreren Punkten schuldig gesprochen und muss mit einer langen Haftstrafe rechnen.


An undated photo of Prince Andrew and the alleged victim. Ghislaine Maxwell can be seen in the background: she was recently convicted by a court in a US criminal case on several counts and faces a long prison sentence.

Plaintiff accuses Prince Andrew of repeatedly abusing her as a minor

Prince Andrew continues to deny the allegations. A document filed in federal court in Manhattan lists 11 reasons why the civil suit should be dismissed. Among other things, it is alleged that the plaintiff Giuffre, who was 17 at the time of the crime, was guilty of her own crime. Giuffre’s lawyers denied it: “We look forward to confronting Prince Andrew at his hearing and trial for his denial and attempts to blame Ms. Giuffre for her abuse.” confront,” said the lawyer for the alleged victim.

The incidents in question, and which the 61-year-old is accused of, date back around twenty years. At the time, Prince Andrew was around 40 and his alleged victim was 17. Photos of Andrew with the alleged victim and Maxwell also exist.

Prince Andrew denies abuse allegations: Queen recently distanced herself

It is unclear whether Prince Andrew actually wants to go to court in the year of his mother Queen Elizabeth II’s (95) platinum jubilee: an out-of-court settlement has not yet been ruled out, US legal expert Neama Rahmani told the dpa. Giuffre is suing for an unspecified amount of damages.

Judging by Giuffre’s comments, it’s possible that a cash payment won’t get her to drop the lawsuit. “My goal has always been to show that the rich and powerful are not above the law and should be held accountable,” she recently wrote on Twitter.

Prinz Andrew und das mutmaßliche Opfer Virginia Giuffre.


Prince Andrew and alleged victim Virginia Giuffre.

Prince Andrew: Alleged victim wants to ‘show that the powerful are not above the law’

The Queen also recently distanced herself from her son after her eldest son Prince Charles and her grandson Prince William, Prince Harry’s brother, are said to have worried about the reputation of the royal family: The Queen also stripped Andrew of his military ranks and the He has to do without the salutation “Royal Highness”. Buckingham Palace announced in mid-January that Andrew would defend himself in the US process as a private citizen and would no longer take on any public royal duties. (df/dpa)

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