LivingProtect your dentin, enjoy the summer

Protect your dentin, enjoy the summer

Processes that affect the enamel, such as demineralization or erosion, or that cause recession of the gums, can expose the dentin, a tissue that is below the enamel and that can connect with the nerve endings of the teeth through small canals (dentinal tubules). If a stimulus (hot or cold, sweet, salty …) reaches the nerve endings, the painful sensation can occur.
To avoid this, DENTAID has applied to its range dedicated to treating tooth sensitivity, Desensin® repair, Dentaid technology haprepair® technology, based on the topical application of active hydroxyapatite (a natural element of the tooth that has the ability to combine with the surface of the tooth). enamel and exposed dentin). In this way, a protective layer is formed on the dentin that helps to cover the exposed dentin tubules and helps to strengthen the tooth.

The products in the Desensin® Repair range incorporate in their formulation active hydroxyapatite –a protective element of dental enamel–, as well as specific active ingredients to contribute to the care of the gums.

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