AutoRecommendations for driving safely in mud and rain

Recommendations for driving safely in mud and rain

The rains, the wind and the mud accompany us these days. In fact, there are eleven communities on alert for the arrival of a new Celia storm. And when the road gets so dangerous, it is advisable not to drive unless it is absolutely necessary . But since millions of drivers will have to get behind the wheel to get to work, pick up the kids from school or go to medical appointments, it is better to consider a series of tips to reduce risks. Especially when adverse weather conditions include at least 13% of the traffic accidents that are recorded each year in Spain.

To combat this phenomenon that is so strange to us, in which thousands of drivers are finding their car covered in dust and mud , Norauto, the comprehensive car maintenance and equipment chain, stresses the importance of driving safely, washing the car before starting, as well as the elements that we must check so that they do not suffer from these harmful elements. In the first place, it will be essential to pay close attention to signs and exits that may not be seen normally, adjust the speed to the road conditions and increase the safety distance with the vehicle in front of us.

Secondly, the windshield and headlights must be kept clean for proper visibility and to avoid uncomfortable flashes or reflections due to dirt. And when cleaning them, first check that the water has removed the layer of mud, because if we rub with it dirty, we can scratch it.

Before this type of meteorological phenomena, it is important to have the tires in perfect condition . They are the only contact with the road and if they are worn, you will lose grip, it will take longer to brake and, in addition, the risk of aquaplaning increases. To check it you will only need a 1 euro coin. That is, if when inserting the coin into one of the grooves of the tire and the outer ring of the coin still does not protrude, the wheel is still in good condition. Otherwise, it should be replaced. Also the brushes must be in optimal conditions, and for this they must be changed every year. And it is that prolonged exposure to the sun and the dryness of summer, make sweeping difficult and can even worsen visibility. Finally, brake pads and discs should be checked. With the rain the braking distance increases, in fact, up to 50% more.

In addition, for its part, Euromaster, a specialist in comprehensive vehicle care and maintenance, adds that drivers who, once this storm is over, should go to the workshop to check the filters. In the case of the cabin filter, the dirt ends up affecting the air flow inside the car. This detracts from the system’s efficiency and doesn’t help create a balmy driving atmosphere, especially in late spring when we turn the air conditioning back on after the long winter. And, as for the engine air filter, if it is saturated, the performance of the engine will be affected, which could lead to breakdowns, always more burdensome for the pocket. It would also imply an increase in fuel consumption.

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